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Pour Foam

Urethane Technology Co. (UTC) power mixer pour foam systems

Rigid pour foam systems are popular products due to their application versatility. The most common approach encompasses "pouring" the premixed foam system directly into a cavity to which it will adhere, and where the foam reaction is carried out. Often, the material needs to flow through complex cavities or voids, filling all angles and forming a strong but lightweight seamless core. Density and viscosity may vary, depending on the application need and environmental temperature.
 Urethane Technology Co. (UTC) thermal foam insulation Pour foam systems can be mixed by hand, or with a power mixer such as a drill. Small batches can be mixed in a pail but for applications such as pipe insulation or sandwich panel, larger batches and more powerful equipment is required. In both cases the quality of the pour foam system and it's distribution, as well as the cleanliness of the substrate (i.e., presence of foreign matter, oils, and other material which could impede bonding and act as a release agent) has a direct effect on optimum bond strength.
 Urethane Technology Co. (UTC) foam in-place opertion UTC pour foam systems provide highly effective thermal insulation as well as physical reinforcement. Superior adhesion characteristics hinders air and water penetration, and also provides corrosion resistance inside of the structure to which it is applied. Various densities and reactivity's are available.

Systems can be custom formulated for your specific application and processing requirements.

Some Typical Pour Foam
Applications Include:

  •  Void Filler
  •  Tank Abandonment
  •  Pipe Insulation
  •  Floatation
  •  Taxidermy
  •  Bedliners
  •  Sandwich Panel Core
  •  Thermal Insutlation
  UTC has systems available for foam in-place operations where various health department approvals are involved. These products are water blown and environmentally safe to use.